Friday, January 21, 2011


I have been sucked into the madness!
I have not watched American Idol since the first season.
Reality shows typically are not my cup of tea.

However, Aerosmith is one of my all time favorite bands.
And I actually like Jennifer Lopez.
{I even like most of her cheesy rom-coms}
So, I decided to check out the first episode of AI.
And it sucked me right in.

There was a couple of contestants over the two nights that I am rooting for and I really want them to do well.
Especially, the girl who auditioned last in New Orleans.
Which means that I now have to watch to see if they make it through Hollywood.
Those sneaky tv producers sure know what they are doing!

Is anyone else watching this season?


  1. I'm watching, but not totally invested, meaning it's not on set to record on our DVR. :) I imagine that will probably change here soon if they keep coming up with great auditions.

  2. I usually watch once the auditions are over. I feel bad for the people who can't sing so I hate watching the audition shows ...

  3. Wasn't that last girls story so sad. I'm rooting for her too!

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