Sunday, January 2, 2011

my beautiful kiddos!

One of my close friends Jess is a photographer.
So, I got her to take some pictures of my kiddos.
I needed some for a birthday present I am doing for my sister.
And we needed some updated pictures since the dude was born.
My sister was very gracious by letting me steal them for an afternoon!
This post is definitely going to be picture overload.
All of the pictures were SO AMAZING GOOD that it was hard to pick favorites.

If anyone in the Georgia area that needs a fabulous photographer be sure to check out 
j. leigh Captures!
{link to her facebook page}
{link to her website

I may be a little biased but my kiddos are GORGEOUS!

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  1. These are all AMAZING!! I'm usually not a fan of black and white photos but these are really good!! Your kids are beautiful and that's what makes them!! :)