Tuesday, July 8, 2014

independence day recap

I had a super long weekend 
because I had Thursday & Friday off from work.  

Yay for a FOUR day weekend! 

This weekend was just perfect. 
I will try to be as brief as possible and not bore you with too many details. 

I had to do a fun patriotic manicure. 

Many of you know about my LOVE of fireworks already. 
This year I got to see fireworks two days in a row. 
Once on Thursday and then again on Friday! 

Wednesday was D's sister's 18th birthday and we celebrated on Thursday. 
We went to a neighboring small town 
and had supper and watched their fireworks. 

I baked an apple pie and brownies 
for D's family gathering. 

At the family gathering, 
we grilled hamburgers & hot dogs 
and spent all afternoon swimming in the pool. 
We capped off a great day by going to see more fireworks! 

Our view waiting on the fireworks show

D and I went to his cousin's house and went tubing. 
They also had a giant swing off of a dock. 
It was so much fun! 

However, my arms are still killing me. 
I think it's possible they may fall off. ;) 

D and I had a lazy Sunday morning, 
drinking coffee, eating cinnamon rolls, 
and watching Wimbledon. 
We were both cheering for Federer, but Djokovic won. 
It was still an excellent match to watch. 

Whew! I think I summed that up pretty well. 
I saw most of your recaps yesterday 
and everyone seemed to have an excellent Fourth as well. 

I know it's a day late, 
but I am linking up with Picture Practice


  1. I love your firework pictures, mine all turned out so blurry!

    Also lucky you for getting a 4 day weekend!

  2. that apple pie though. share? yum! such a cute manicure!

  3. If I liked water, that's the kind of stuff I would want to do, arms be damned!