Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have been living in Chicago for the past year and tomorrow I will be moving back to Georgia. I moved to Chicago for school but I decided to change my major and my alma mater just happened to have the best program for my new major. I love living in Chicago and have made some great friends. At the same time I miss my friends in Georgia every day. So my emotions are all over the place about this move. I love to travel and to experience different places. In some ways I feel like moving back to Georgia is a step backward, not forward. But the program is one of the best in the nation and I will be getting my old job back and I will be living with my three best friends (two of them I have known since I was 10.) I am so excited about being close to my family again but I am already grieving the loss of my life in Chicago. I am thankful that I realized I was not going in the direction God has for me, before I completed three grueling years school. And there are a lot of options for me to travel; with study abroad and internships during the summer. This program is only two years so I did not add any years to my schooling. I am praying for peace and strength to start a new chapter in my life. God is always faithful and everything works for His glory!
a couple of my favorite pics of Chicago!


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  1. I moved from GA two years ago and I think it is the WORST decision I ever made. I miss my family and friends so much that it really is hard to stay in Los Angeles. But I have a great job, am finishing up my masters degree and have found great friends. I'm still planning on moving back to GA next year, but I know it will be hard to leave {even though it's what to do}.