Wednesday, June 16, 2010

career girl!

Well, yesterday thoroughly sucked.
So, today I wanted to share some happy news!

The BFF officially has a "real" job.
Apparently. the jobs she had while she was in school were fake;)
She is now a processing counselor for the 
GSU Department of Financial Aid!

She has her own office, nameplate, and most importantly of all...
an actual salary!
No more getting paid by the hour.
I ♥ giving presents!
So, I got her a leather portfolio as a "congrats on your first real job" present!
She does not actually start until Monday.
But she has actually worked in the office for 2 years already as a Graduate Assistant.
Which is a real advantage for her because she pretty much knows how to do the majority of her job duties.

She was super worried about not finding a job after she graduated.
This is not the job she wants to stay in forever;
but it is really good experience and will look great on a resume!
For purely selfish reasons, I am glad she got the job.
I took over her graduate assistantship
and it is nice to be able to go to my BFF when I have questions!