Monday, June 7, 2010

weekend fun♥

I had a fabulous and relaxing weekend!
After work on Saturday, the BFF & I met up with some friends for a girls' lunch.
We were supposed to grill out but decided that was just too much work so we ate out instead.

Then we went to the pool.
I got in some much needed relaxation!
We were there about 3 hours and I was in the pool the entire time.
The purpose of going to the pool was to layout, but I love the water and it was just too hot to sit beside the water when I could be IN the water;)

Then the BFF & I went and got pedicures.
We tried a new place here in town.
And let me tell you it was heaven.
They put hot towel wraps on your legs.
They could have charged me just for that!

Then we came home and I watched the repaly of the Belmont Stakes.
Congrats Drosselmeyer and jockey Mike Smith!
I hate that I missed it but the pedi was totally worth it.

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  1. I love when they do the hot towel wraps! :) Sounds like an awesome weekend.