Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 30 - When Did You Become A Fan of Doctor Who?

It is the last day of 
March Who Madness! 
I have had a lot of fun blogging about 
Doctor Who. 
Can you believe I actually blogged 
every day for a whole month?!
Yeah, neither can I. 

I started seriously watching Doctor Who
in 2006 when the Syfy channel
started airing the "new" Who episodes.
I had seen some of the classic Who episodes on Syfy as well.
But I did not become a proper Whovian
until the new episodes.
Syfy actually aired the episodes
well after they were shown in Britain.
For example, they did not start showing
Season 1 (Eccleston's) episodes until 2006
and they originally aired in 2005 in Britain.
This is probably bad to admit;
but when I found that out,
I would watch the newer episodes
(that were available)
on YouTube as they would come out in Britain. 
Then I would buy the seasons on DVD as soon
as they were available in America.
I am so glad that BBC America now shows
the new episodes concurrently with the
British airings.

Source: via liz on Pinterest

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