Thursday, February 6, 2014

sponsor overload

I know I am not the best, nor most consistent, 
blogger in the world. 
And I am not trying to criticize other bloggers. 
I am definitely in the "to each his own" camp. 
But I have noticed an uptick in the sponsored posts 
in the blog world. 
Maybe it is just the blogs I read. 

I understand wanting to make a little money off of blogging. 
I will never make 10¢ off blogging. 
That is not one of my goals either. 
But when every single post is a "sponsored" post. 
I get a little bored. 
And honestly start skimming that blogger's posts in the future. 

I like many different kinds of blogs ... 
lifestyle, photography, food, etc. 
Heck, I even like "mommy" blogs and I have no children. 
I love reading about other people's lives. 
I love reading about our differences and love when I find things in common with complete strangers. 
And I really do not mind sponsored posts, a lot of times I find some good products or ideas from those posts. 
But I still want to see the normal posts as well. 
If that makes any sense! 

I know, I know. 
The easy fix is to stop reading those particular blogs. 
And I have done that occasionally. 
But I always feel bad when I do. 
I start following blogs for a reason and it always makes me a little sad to stop reading someone I once found interesting. 

I know this is rambling all over the place. 
And I am not meaning to criticize or offend anyone. 
It was just something I have noticed quite often lately. 


  1. I SO feel you here. I have a post drafted that expresses this in a far less eloquent manner that frankly, I am afraid to post! I get it. Money is hard to say no to, whether it's $10 to put a button in your sidebar or $250 from a big company, but enough is enough. Those companies look at stats and readers like us are what is giving bloggers those opportunities. Every once in a while is one thing, but if a blog or twitter account turns into a commercial, then buh-bye. There are too many other great writers out there for me to waste time even marking posts as read. You aren't alone in this line of thought!

  2. I def do reviews and tweets that I get paid for but I've never done a sponsored post. I just don't see why anyone would read them. It's an ad!

  3. I feel the same way you do! Some blogs do sponsored posts and do them really well - they fit in so nicely with what they usually write about, you hardly notice it's an ad of some sort. But the blogs that do it ALL THE TIME for the most random things? Ugh. I delete those from my feed! I feel bad about it but then again, I don't. I don't have much time to read blogs as it is, I don't want to be reading ads for things I'll never buy! I also don't really understand all the blogs that have other blogs sponsoring them. What happened to old fashioned link sharing? Button swapping? Does everything have to be about money?