Monday, February 3, 2014

snow days & moving days

I know it is old news now, 
but last week it snowed in Georgia! 
And I am terribly grateful that I do not live in Atlanta. 

Tuesday the university closed at Noon 
and we had all day Wednesday off as Snow days. 
Yay for a day and a half off work! 

Remember me mentioning that I was moving into a new apartment this weekend? 
Well, since I got off work early Tuesday ... 
and so did most of my friends ... 
I thought it was a brilliant idea to move all of my stuff Tuesday, 
in the freezing rain, instead of Saturday when it was 60°. 

I know, I know ... I am a genius! 

Good news! 
I got all of my stuff moved in 3 hours. 
Bad news! 
I owe all of my friends, big time. 
If I even still have friends. ;)

A small sampling of the boxes
the only place to sit in the apartment at that time! 
Oh, and about that snow day. 
My little city did not really get any snow. 
We got just a small dusting Wednesday morning that had pretty much melted by 10am. 
We did get quite a bit of ice though. 

lots and lots of ice

proof it snowed

look really close & you'll see more snow
I was so jealous of everyone's snow pictures on Facebook! 
My sister and Aunt sent me snow pictures from the farm ... that is 250 miles south of me! 

In other apartment related news, I have gotten a lot of stuff unpacked and put in it's proper place. 
Not that you can tell by the amount of boxes left to be unpacked. 
I do have 2 rooms completely finished, my bathroom and my library. 
Priorities, people! 

I seem to be cursed with small bathrooms. 
The past 3 places I have lived have had tiny bathrooms and I have had to come up with creative storage solutions. 
I love one of the solutions I came up with for the new apartment ... hanging crates.  

D and I found these handmade crates at a local antique store. 
I just love them! And they are the perfect place for towels & wash rags. 
D had racked up a ton of brownie points over the last week. 
I know he is more ready than I am for my apartment to be completely unpacked! 

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  1. The hanging crates are SO smart! I have a tiny bathroom, too. Glad you got moved safely!