Monday, January 27, 2014

adventures in atl

Thursday night I had a work reception in Atlanta.
My best friend had to work the reception as well and she had a work conference the next day in Atlanta.
Instead of riding the work bus, we decided to drive up and stay overnight.
Oh the perks of working with your best friend!

We got to Atlanta early and ate a late lunch/ early supper at the Cheesecake Factory.
Always a big hit!
Then we killed time by browsing around the mall.
We scored some fab finds at New York & Company for 50-70% off!
S'mores cheesecake ... divine! 
The reception was long and we were both thankful that we could go straight to the hotel and crash.
Well, The Varsity was on the way to the hotel and neither of us could resist stopping for a chili dog.
We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Indigo.
I would recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Atlanta.
It is super unique and has excellent customer service.
Friday morning it was freaking freezing in Atlanta.
I mean it was 15 degrees.
That is COLD for Georgia.
Of course, A and I could not find the building we needed downtown and proceeded to walk around for 20 minutes in the cold before finally finding the right place.
We were popsicles!

Before leaving Atlanta, a stop at Chipotle for lunch was necessary.
That's two weekends in a row.
A girl could get spoiled!

I am moving into a new apartment this coming week/weekend.
D and I spent all day Saturday painting at the new place.
I need to find a chiropractor pronto.
First meal in the new place ... look at that fortune
On a non-weekend related note, the forecast is calling for SNOW this week!
I know not to get my hopes up and it is still probably wishful thinking.
But I really want snow!


  1. That fortune is perfect! And of all the times I have visited Atlanta, I have never been to The Varsity. I really want to try it out, though!

  2. Mmm that food all looks so good!

    And how fun to work with your best friend!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  3. *drool* Cheesecake Factory!! Man I miss that place!