Thursday, February 4, 2010

2 down...88 to go

Last night was day 2 of P90X. This morning I. CANNOT. MOVE. I was not too sore yesterday after day1. But this morining it hurt to even turn over in bed. 7 is going to be fun! Hopefully, I will get better at this soon. Day 1 was Core Synergistics and I did not quite make it through the entire exercise. I had to stop with 16 minutes left. In all of the busyness of Tuesday I had only eaten 310 calories. Needless to say, I was a LITTLE light-headed before the workout was over. Last night was cardio and I made it all the way through the workout! I could not do all the reps but I tried every exercise. I am averaging about 10 reps depending on the exercise. But there were a few of the exercises that I could do all of the reps! Well, shoulders & arms and ab ripper x are tonight. We will see how it goes.


  1. You're a better woman than I!

    Especially these days, after being off any kind of regular exercise regimen for several months. In my prime about 2 years ago, I was ripped and doing great, but time got away from me and I couldn't keep a regular schedule.

    I've been lucky enough to keep most of the weight off, trading muscle weight for "happy" eat-what-I-want weight and firmness for soft & mushy, but I think that's how a woman is supposed to be anyway!

    I want the extra bit of fat for baby, if and when that day ever comes! Although I did LOVE how I looked. I had never looked like that before and saw a marked difference, the main one being a size 4, down from a size 10.

    Good luck with P90X!

  2. Girl Im a hurting too!! We have to keep each other motivated!! Tonight is Plyometrics (or whatever its called) for us and last night was chest and back and ab ripper X!! Both of those kicked my butt! I couldn't do everything but at least I tried!!!
    I was disgusted at how out of shape I have become!! in highschool I did all the sport and was in pretty good shape!! Now I feel like I will never get into shape but I know I will!!!
    Are you doing the meal plan that comes with it?

  3. Ugh, Plyo is the DEVIL! I don't even do Plyo anymore, I replaced it with Cardio X. Much easier on my knees! Have you done X Stretch yet? If not, you will LOVE it. At the end it feels like you just had a $90 massage. GO-geous, as Tony says :)