Tuesday, April 6, 2010

family visits

My big sis, her hubby, and my 2 favortie little people aka my nieces are coming to visit me this weekend. My sis has never been to Savannah before so I am going to take them Friday and we are going to play tourist! Then Saturday we are going to Tybee Island to soak up some sun. I have not seen them since Christmas so I am super excited about their visit. I cannot believe it has been 4 months since I last saw them. I know my nieces have grown a foot. The are growing up so fast. My oldest niece, W, is 12 and my younger niece, C, is 10...time flies! Talking on the phone just is not the same. I cannot wait to go to the Carter's outlet with my sis and dream about all of the clothes I can buy the baby when we find out what it is. She officially told the rest of the family Sunday!! I am scouring the internet for a "World's Greatest Aunt" outfit that I will demand be worn ALL OF THE TIME;) Hmm...do you think the sis will go for it??? That made me think of my favorite aunt story. C's first word was my name!! Not mama or dada but my name. I still do a little happy dance every time I think about it and that was 10 years ago.

Do you have any fun stories about your nieces/nephews???


  1. My lil' sis doesn't have any kiddos yet...but I can't wait until she does. Enjoy your QT time with the fam!

  2. Guess what? You won something in our Spring Fling giveaway. Come see what it is!