Thursday, April 29, 2010

me...a procrastinator?? noooo!

I believe this is my first double post ever!
I saw this Calvin & Hobbes cartoon and it just sums my day up perfectly.
{I firmly believe there is a C&H cartoon for every situation}
Does anybody happen to have a completed paper on managing in the middle east handy?
If so, you are my new best friend ;)
Apparently I have conditioned my brain to only work at the last minute. I have tried for the last week to get this paper finished, but I would draw a blank whenever I sat down to write. It finally started to flow some at about 1 this morning. I am still not finished but it is coming along nicely. I may not get any sleep tonight, but it WILL be finished by 8 am Friday. Mainly because that is when it is due:)

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