Thursday, April 1, 2010

thank you, thank you very much!

Last week, the lovely Holly at Scattered Words gave me an award.
Thanks a million Holly!!
I am still amazed when someone leaves a comment much less gives me an award!

The Rules:
List 10 things you may find interesting about me
Nominate 7 other bloggers to do the same

1. I have been in school for 20 years straight.
I have not taken one break from school since Kindergarten.
Not counting summer breaks.

2. My best friends and I have been best friends for 15 years.
We have known each other for about 16 years,
but we could not stand each other at first.
It is so funny how stuff works out!

3. I have never had a boyfriend or been on a date.
See number one for the reason.
I have always been focused on finishing school first.
And surprisingly enough this fact rarely bothers me.
Every once in a while I will get bummed about it.
But the way I see it I still have plenty of time.
And if God has someone out there for me it will happen
and I will not have to search it out.
I am really happy being suits me!

4. I absolutely, positively hate hot weather.
You will NEVER hear me complain about it being cold.
I was born in South Georgia and heat has always been my enemy.
If you ever hear a Southerner say,
"You get used to the heat."
I especially hate those triple digit days with 100% humidity.
Can you tell I am not looking forward to summer?

5. I am already planning my sister's baby shower.
I know she just found out she was pregnant.
And has not told anyone else but me & her hubby.
I just cannot stop myself.
It is my duty to spoil my nieces (& possibly nephew) rotten.
Even before they are born!

6. WOW! It is really hard thinking of 10 interesting things about me.
I do not find myself particularly interesting!

7. I have read an entire encyclopedia.
I know this screams MAJOR DORK!
One summer, when I was about 10 or 11,
I ran out of books to read at home.
Library day was still a week away.
So, I decided to read our encyclopedia set.
I finished it that week.
Hmm, I wonder if this one & #3 have any links:)

8. Okay, I am out of interesting stuff!!

I pass this award on to all of my wonderful followers!!
Especially, if you read this entire post;)

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  1. If you're a dork for reading encyclopedias, so am I :D