Monday, February 21, 2011

never grow up

Today my niece Whit turns the big 13!
It has been amazing watching her grow into 
a beautiful young lady.
But she really needs to slow down
the whole growing up thing!

I still find it weird at times that I can hold an actual conversation
with her that has nothing to do with cartoons or toys.
I am not too comfortable with the conversations about boys but that is part of growing up and being a teenager!
I love how her personality is really starting to show.
However, I really hope she does not go through that 
rebellious teenager phase.
She most likely will to some extent 
but I am not looking forward to that.
Hopefully, because I am the "cool aunt" 
I will not be classified as embarrassing! 

I just wish I could keep her & her siblings little forever.
I know how cruel the world can be and I want 
them to keep their innocence for as long as possible.
My sister is seriously a fantastic mom and 
has instilled a strong set of values into both of her girls.
And she will continue to teach them as they grow.
So I know that they are well equipped to handle life's opportunities & struggles.
I just want to protect them and shelter them.

I think the hardest thing is letting them make their own mistakes.
And if I feel this way, I cannot imagine how my sister feels!
I imagine it is tempting to just lock them up in their rooms 
until they are grown;)

I do not know if you have heard Taylor Swift's song 
Never Grow Up 
but it pretty much sums up what I want to say to Whit.
Especially this part: 

To you, everything's funny
You got nothing to regret
I'd give all I have honey
If you could stay like that
Oh darling don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up
Just stay this little

Oh darling don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up
It could stay this simple
I won't let nobody hurt you
Won't let no one break your heart
No one will desert you
Just try to never grow up

You're in the car on the way to the movies
And you're mortified your mama's dropping you off
At 14, there's just so much you can't do 
And you can't wait to move out
Someday and call your own shots
But don't make her drop you off around the block 
Remember she's getting older too
And don't lose the that you dance around in your PJs getting ready for school


  1. Oh, man, does this hit home with me! My niece will be 17 in May and everything you said here is EXACTLY how I have felt about her since the day she was born. Unfortunately, she hasn't had the benefit of the same sort of upbringing and has already fallen into some very serious traps and made decisions she can never undo, which breaks me heart.

    I tell ya, if how we feel is a even a fraction of what parenthood is like, then it will be a tough road of loving, protecting, praying over and letting go.

  2. Woopsie! I wasn't trying to go all pirate on ya..."which breaks me heart, matey!"


  3. I feel that way about my little sis. How is it possible that she'll be 30 this year. I guess she HAD to grow up sometime. HAHA

  4. I feel the same way about my little sister! She is 15 now and I can't believe it. Our relationship has transitioned from one where I babysit her and take her out with me as a favor to my parents, to one where she WANTS to come shopping with me, or out to eat, or just hang out. It's definitely great that we are turning into friends though! Happy Birthday to your niece, and I love the song!