Tuesday, February 1, 2011


He who refuses to embrace
a unique opportunity
loses the prize
as surely as if he had failed.
~William James

Have you ever gotten a great opportunity
but passed it up
because you were sure
someone more qualified would
snatch it up?

I found myself thinking that way
a few weeks ago.
I have started the dreaded job search.
And I came across a dream position for me.
It was in the area I want to focus on,
had excellent pay & benefits,
and best of all it guaranteed that I would
work abroad for at least 3 years!
The only problem is that they are wanting
to fill the position immediately
and I do not graduate until May.

I found myself thinking that there was
absolutely no way I could get that job
even if they were willing to wait until May.
It was too good to be true.
There had to be somebody more qualified
with acutal experience that would
grab this opportunity.

When I finally realized what I was doing,
I could not believe it.
I have always been the type to believe
that I can do anything as long as I work
hard and persevere.
Yes, there is most likely someone
more qualified,
with more experience
but that is going to be the case with any position.

This hypothetical more qualified person
probably has a family & commitments
and would not be willing to
relocate oversees for 3 years.
He might not be stepping up
so why not step in?

It just amazes me sometimes
how I can defeat myself
with my thought process
before I ever begin.

I take comfort in the fact that
the right opportunity is out there for me.
I may not know exactly
what it looks like
or how it will present itself.
But I have faith that all of my prayers
will not go unanswered.

This whole job search thing
is scary and it will not be easy.
I am a planner by nature.
And it kills me not knowing what next year
or even 6 months from now will look like.
But I am working on trusting God
and following His plan.
Which is definitely a struggle.

I know I will most likely
not get my dream job right out of the gate.
But I am willing to work my way up to that dream job.
And if I do get the opportunity of a lifetime
and actually get a chance at my dream job
I am going to go for it at full force.
I just need the opportunity!

Small opportunities are often
the beginning of great enterprises.
- Demosthenes


  1. I love this post! I find myself praying for opportunities but when they come, I don't take them for whatever reason. Ugh. I'll be praying for you :D

  2. I'm sure the right opportunity will make itself clear, but you're right, sometimes we have to just step out in faith, that's how our faith grows, when we are taking on more than we think we can handle and relying on God to carry us through.

  3. I've been my own worst enemy a times too. Ugh. Seize the day lady!