Thursday, February 24, 2011

seize opportunities

This past Monday night Bill Rancic spoke at the university.
Bill won the first season of The Apprentice.
A lot of you may know him from the reality show 
he does with his wife, Giuliana & Bill.  

Although I have never seen an episode of The Apprentice, 
I was excited about his speech.
Firstly, I am a geek so I love going to speeches and lectures;
especially if they are about areas I am interested in.
Secondly, Bill beat a Harvard MBA grad to win The Apprentice.
Apparently, he knows a thing or two about business.

Bill seemed relaxed and down to earth during his speech.
I have been to some boring speeches but he was very engaging
and told stories that everyone could relate too.
The main gist of his speech was to seize opportunities.
This is what I gleaned from his speech:

-- the ability to not only recognize an opportunity
but the ability to seize that opportunity is an important trait
for anyone who wants to be successful

--in business and life you have to have a strategy 
and you have to set goals

--if you do not fall down, if you do not make mistakes, 
you are never going to get ahead and 
you are never going to realize your full potential;
a successful person must accept his failures and learn from them

It was nice to see that someone who came from a relatively 
normal childhood {both of his parents were educators}
can make it big in business!
Maybe one day I will be giving a speech 
to a packed house at GSU;)

At the end of the speech, Bill did a Q&A session.
Of course, a lot of the questions were about Giuliana.
So, he called her and let her answer one of the questions over speaker phone.
He even got her to do our football chant!

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  1. That's awesome! Great advice! And nice to hear they are both so down to earth :)