Saturday, March 12, 2011

and we're off

I am keeping everyone who was affected by 
the earthquakes & tsunamis in my prayers!
I encourage y'all to donate to relief organizations
but please research and make sure your money
is actually going to the relief effort. 

I am officially on my road trip!
Hopefully, we will be almost through Atlanta
by the time this posts. 
I really hope we miss morning rush hour.

{really want to avoid this}

I just wanted to write a quick post to let
y'all know that I will be having a few
guest bloggers next week.

I am excited to read their posts!
I really appreciate y'all filling in for me. 
You ladies are pretty awesome :)

I promise to take lots of pics to share when I get back.
Have a great week!
And please show my guest bloggers lots of love.

{click on pics for source}


  1. Praying you have a safe, wonderful trip!! :)

  2. Cute blog!
    Want to follow each other?

  3. Save travels, have lots of fun and take lots of pictures!