Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the ranch pt 1

We packed a ton of stuff into the 3 days
we were at the ranch. 
So, I am splitting it up into a few posts. 

The ranch was more like a small town. 
It has its own post office and schools. 
Needless to say, it is ginormous!
We probably did not see even half of it.

They have an old cemetery from the Wild West Days.
How cool is that?!

Boot Hill Cemetery

There is also a museum on the ranch. 
Have I mentioned that I love museums?
Give me a place full of old antique stuff and 
I will be happily entertained!

 All of the books in this case were published before 1900. SWOON!

They have a cliff on the ranch 
that they call "the edge of the world."
We went at dusk.
We wanted to be there at sunset but 
were just a little late.
Most of the pics I took were 
not that great because of the lighting; 
but here are a few that were presentable.

The cliff overlooks part of the ranch and the river that runs through it. {haha}
It was gorgeous!
While we were up there a train went by in the distance
which was cool!
The trail to the cliff was pretty rough terrain 
so we all had to be really careful 
about not sliding off the cliff.
Yeah that would not have been good;)
Well, I am not exactly known for my grace and cat-like skills.
I did make it safely to the cliff.
However, going back up was a different story. 
I tripped right as we reached the top of the hill!
Luckily, there were no injuries just proof positive that my clumsiness is epic.


  1. THis is so neat! So much history! I'm glad no one fell off the edge of the world!

  2. Great pictures! I'm glad nobody fell off the cliff too :)