Sunday, March 14, 2010

i ♥ spring break!

Spring Break! Finally!
I am so in need of a break that I am even taking the week off from work.

I have tentative plans for a couple of days this week.
But nothing major.

Tomorrow I plan on staying in my pjs all day.
Vegging out.
And watching Doctor Who!

Thursday I am going to do a little shopping in Savannah.
I thought about going Wednesday
but did not want to fight the St. Patty's crowd.
St. Patrick's Day in Savannah is amazingly awesome!
But I am just not up for it this year.

I have a couple of projects and a research paper I need to work on so I will do a little of that this week. Other than that I am just going to chill!

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  1. Hope you're chillin' in your jammies right now!