Sunday, March 21, 2010

spring break recap

This week has flown by:(
And I did a little too much relaxing,
and not enough schoolwork.
I have 2 tests next week that I have not study for a bit.
I did get some research done for my paper.
But not so much done for my marketing or consulting projects.
Oh well, thus is the life of a procrastinator.

I did get to go shopping in Savannah with my 2 favorite ladies!!
We ate at the Atlanta Bread Company...YUM!
And then we bought too much stuff.
I purchased a much needed pair of jeans and a super cute cardigan from Old Navy!
{I ♥ cardigans!}
The one I got was just like the pic but in grey!
We made a quick stop at my home planet aka Barnes & Noble!
Of course I bought a new book.
{I was proud of myself for only buying one;)}

I read a couple of books and watched a few movies.
Tried out new recipes for supper almost every night.
{And ALL of the got the thumbs up from the roomies!}
I was planning on doing more blogging,
but the posts I had planned will eventually get written.

I also made a batch of red velvet cupcakes
with cream cheese filling!
Okay, these are def not conducive to the P90X plan.
But it was springbreak.
So we decided calories consumed during springbreak do not count.

Overall, I had a fabulous week off!
Now it is time to reenter the real world of work and school.
And get back on a normal sleep schedule.
My inner night owl was out full speed this week.

What are some things you have done lately just to relax?


  1. Oooooh. That cupcakes makes me want to jump through the screen!

  2. Those cupcakes look fantastic! I've been trying to relax lately but honestly, that word isn't part of my vocabulary, lol.

  3. Mmmmmm. I love ABC! And that cardi is adorable. I haven't been relaxing too much these days...Need to work on that!