Saturday, March 6, 2010

study break

My two besties and I decided to go back to the pottery place for another "study break" last Saturday. We were joined by two more of our really good friends and made a girls' day out of it!

Instead of painting pottery we worked with glass. This was a first for all of us. And we had a blast. Working with the glass was super easy and they had a ton of colors and different techniques we could us with the glass. Of course, clumsy ole me I was the only one to get an injury. I cut my finger on a piece of the glass about 15 minutes after we started. It was not a bad cut but it would not stop bleeding. But I put a band aid on it and forgot about it.

My OCDness always comes out when I do any kind of crafty project. And my very best friends love to make fun of me!! {you should be able to pick my piece out of all of theirs...i cannot help i like symmetry}  We are very quickly becoming regulars at this place! It is such a great way to just clear our minds and take a much needed break from the week.

Here are a few pics of our works in progress! For a little explanation, all we had to do was layer our glass and then they will fuse it for us. So, the finished product will look very different from the pics here.

~our work table~

A* decided to make a picture frame.
If you could not tell from last week's creation her favorite color is green!

M* also decided to make a picture frame.

J*s 80s inspired piece.
This will become a bowl.

MB*s checkerboard!
This will be slunked into what they call a votive.

This is my piece.
{Can you tell I am a little bit OCD?! You should see me working on my scrapbook.}
It will also be slunked into a votive.

***here are our finished pottery pieces from last week***

A*s box

M*s travel mug

{check out the cute little palm tree}

My bowl

What is your favorite way to be crafty?


  1. LOVE the palm tree at the bottom. So darn cute! I am far from crafty. It's pitiful.

  2. I've gone to pottery places before, but never anywhere to work with glass it looks like a lot of fun.

    As for my favorite craft, I would probably say scrapbooking, although I'm not sure if I actually do it enough for it to qualify.

    And I just wanted to let you know I found your blog through Kelly's Korner!

  3. Fun stuff! I love the glass tiles :)

    I love being problem is I can't seem to hone in on just ONE I do lots of things in a mediocre manner, rather than ONE thing really really well. ha!