Monday, May 3, 2010

finals week

I will probably be MIA this week.
My finals schedule is insane this semester.
I have a final:
-Wednesday night
-Thursday night
-Friday morning &
-Friday night

I hate Friday finals.
I have been in college for 8 years
and I have NEVER had a Friday final.
It seems unfair that I have 2 in one semester.
C'est la vie!
{click on pic for source}

On the bright side, the BFF graduates Saturday with her MPA!
I am so proud of her.
After graduation I am heading to the farm.
My aunt and brothers have been badgering asking me for weeks when I am coming to visit.
We got 3 new horses that I will get to see for the first time next week.
I am so excited!!
I will be riding every day next week
and I will fit in a little lounging by the pool.
Now, that is the life!

I hope everybody has a fabulous week!
Wish me luck...


  1. 3 new horses? Pictures, please :D Have you ever had Saturday finals? My last year I had one on the last Saturday of exam week during the last time slot - 7 to 10 pm. It was brutal.

  2. I have a terrible finals week schedule too! I have one tonight, a paper due tomorrow, a paper due Wednesday, a final Wednesday morning, a final Thursday morning, and a final Friday morning! The Friday morning one is optional though so I don't know if I'll take it or not! This is my 8th semester with finals and it's the worst schedule I've ever had! I hope your week goes okay! At least it sounds like you have an awesome weekend to look forward to!

  3. Best of luck lady! You're almost there!