Thursday, May 27, 2010

graceful much?!

I am a complete klutz!
I have always been clumsy.
So much so, my nickname growing up {and even now} was Grace.
And not because of my cat-like reflexes or mad ninja skills.

Well, this week I have been particularly clumsy.
It all started on Sunday.
When I was putting the apple pie in the oven, I
touched the side of the 425° oven.
Yeah, hot oven and flesh...not a good thing!

Now I burn myself ALL the time in the kitchen.
I cook almost every night and somehow I wind up
cutting or burning myself in the process. 
But this burn is bad and I think it is going to leave a scar.
{4 days after I burned it}

Then when I was cooking supper Sunday night,
I dropped a bowl {luckily it did not break.}
Then I was getting the A1 sauce out for the steaks and
I dropped the full bottle {yet again it did not break.}
I am really good at breaking stuff, so I was a little suprised
 when I dropped 2 breakable things without them breaking.

Then when the bff was cleaning the kitchen I knocked
over a full trash bag...oops!
She then proceeded to kick me out of the kitchen.

The rest of the week has been just as bad.
I have dropped EVERYTHING I touch.
It is a wonder my poor cell phone has not protested and died!
And I have not meet a table or corner that I have
not wanted to plow some part of my body into.
I have bruises everywhere.
My legs look like a paint-by-number.

I guess my equilibrium is off this week or something.
As long as I do not break any bones this week
I will be just fine!


  1. I can sympathize! One day last week before I got out the door for work, I stubbed my toe (which is an almost daily occurrence) and pinched my arm in the folding door to the laundry closet.

    I've also been working on a job site all May moving office furniture (within reason, of course) and at one point, counted 8 bruises. I have several on my legs and they are now turning all sorts of ugly colors. It's hotter than Hades here, but I won't wear anything that shows my legs!

    A popular catch phrase in our home is "Watch out for the wall!"

    I'm of the firm conviction that if the pharmaceutical companies can develop pills to cure everything from coughs to cancer, surely they can find one to cure klutziness!

  2. That's my life every day. My nickname at my old job was Grace. HA!

  3. I hurt myself in the strangest ways. A couple of weeks ago I cut myself on my cell phone. Not once, but twice. Who does that?