Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas for the kiddos!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is buying presents!
Especially for my kiddos. 
{aka my two nieces Whit & Cas and my nephew Nash}

It was a lot of fun buying for a baby again.
Whit & Cas are getting harder to buy for the older they get.
So I just bought them a couple of things to unwrap and then I am taking them shopping to pick out a few outfits.
I would hate to pick out something "uncool!"
Here is some of what they will unwrap Christmas day:

Pea Coat from Old Navy
Well charm necklace

Pea Coat from Old Navy

Well Charm Necklace

{mainly from Old Navy & Target}

{the shoes are in the same color as the plaid shirt in the first pic}

Bouncer from Amazon

His 1st Christmas outfit from Target

It looks like the dude racked up.
But the girls will surpass his haul when I take them shopping!
I am really excited about seeing the girls in their coats.
These are the first "grown up" coats that they have had.
Honestly, they do not really need them in South GA.
But I wanted to get them something nicer than a hoodie to wear!

As you can tell I LOVE spoiling my kiddos!
And probably go a little overboard.
But it is just so much fun!

Who are your favorite people to buy for?


  1. Topher got the same 1st Christmas outfit :D I love spoiling my nieces and nephews too - they're the most fun to buy for!

  2. I have SO much fun playing Santa. Kiddos are just a blast to shop for!

  3. SO glad your regular posts are back! It must be so fun to shop for little kids! It looks ilke you picked out great presents, and I'm sure they will love them! There no little people at all in my family, and I can't wait until some of my cousins start having kids so I can buy cute gifts like these!!