Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas!

I hope that everyone is having a marvelous Christmas!
I am thoroughly enjoying spending time with my kiddos & family.
I am enjoying the ultimate trio: family, food, & fun!

This is our 2nd Christmas without Uncle David.
And while it is MUCH better this year than it was last year, it is still really tough.
Last year we were all a little bit numb, but this year we are definitely feeling the loss.
It is at the oddest moments that I miss him the most.
He always carved the turkey and said the blessing.
He never did any Christmas shopping at all until Christmas Eve!
So, his gifts were always interesting!
It has been nice reminiscing on the good memories and not just focusing on the loss.
In all Christmas has been really great so far;
but all of us has had to force a smile at one point or another.

Again I pray that you are having a blessed Christmas!

Father God, When your precious Son became a tiny baby in a stable in Bethlehem in poverty and simplicity, you changed our world. As we imagine those surroundings, we join with the shepherds and the wise men in wonder and praise. We thank you for our material lives, praise you for our spiritual lives, and trust in you for our eternal life. Amen

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