Thursday, December 16, 2010

meet me at the well

Remember this post,
where I asked for prayers for my sister's pastor & his wife?
They had just lost their 4-year old daughter, Makiah, in a car accident.

A family friend of theirs is selling well charms in honor of Makiah.
About 2 weeks before the accident, Makiah's Sunday School class talked about raising money to build a well for children in Africa.
She was so moved by this story, she told her mom that she wanted to give all of the money in her piggy bank so the girls in Africa could have water to drink.
What is so cool about this story,
is the lady who approached them about selling these charms had no idea that this happened.
It was a total God thing.

Once 600 charms are sold.
Cameron & Rachel will receive a packet with pictures of the dedication of Makiah's Well.
Right now 308 charms have sold.

I purchased one for myself and 4 more as Christmas gifts.
I love giving gifts with meaning behind them.
Three of the charms are for my sister and two nieces.
They were all close to Makiah.
And my nieces will think it is pretty cool to have something that honors Makiah's memory.

The charm is actually really cute.
I like the fact that the charm has some weight to it.
It will help me remember to be thankful for every single moment I can spend with those I love.
Because you never know if that hug, smile, shared laugh, or even text will be the last one.

This is the link to the facebook group, Makiah Kaitlyn King Well Project, that was set up for the charms.

And this is the link to donate directly to the well project without purchasing a charm.

Thank you so much to any who consider buying a charm or donating to honor Makiah's memory.

Please continue to keep Cameron & Rachel in your prayers.

Also this is the link to Rachel's blog, An Unexpected Journey.
Just make sure you have some tissues handy before you visit it.

This is Rachel's explanation for why she started blogging.
I have never wanted to be a blogger until this morning (10/23). For some reason I awoke feeling the need to share this journey. My four year old daughter was killed in a tragic car accident on October 8th, 2010 when our car was struck by a teen on marijuana. This blog is a small window into the brokenness of my heart and perhaps... one day, the healing. Do not mistake this for theological discourse. Jesus, not our circumstances, equals perfect theology. Be warned, this is raw...

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